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tokidoki. [Jan. 9th, 2007&&10:01 pm]

Tokidoki has actually tied-in with Smashbox for the latter's Spring/Summer Collection!
&& yes, Tokidoki as in the Le Sport Sac Tokidoki.

Believe me --  it's gonna be the hottest thing when it lands on Philippine shores.

i so have to grab hold of it's ultra-cute skin tint


Link5 bad-assedRadness&&getRaddie-fied.<3

(no subject) [Jan. 7th, 2007&&09:32 pm]
Forget about not trusting sales.
Cuz I found The Bass Flats sa Gateway.
&& bought the largest size even though they felt a bit small.

Unbelievable. o:

bass. [Jan. 6th, 2007&&11:55 pm]
Shiseido Eyelash Curler.
The Anti-It of cult fave Shu Uemura.
Conforms to Asian orbs way better && pad refills are sold unlike the latter.
Sets you back only ten purchases worth of Starbucks Caramel Macchiato.

Told ya I was gonna treat myself to more crap.


Do you know how annoying it is to find the perfectly perfect so perfect it's gotta be more than perfect na shoes, only to find out that they don't carry it in your size anymore? I KNOW, diba?

Kasi TnT && I were in G.H. Bass & Co., Rockwell branch, when I spotted this to-die-for old glamour flats in pointy black semi-patent when the dude there was all sorry-la-na-kaming-sizes-djan-yung-white-baka-gusto-mo.

Of course I didn't want the effing white one. I WANTED THE BLACK ONE.
When I found a cheaper alternative sa Zara.
When why am I not surprised la naring sizes.

&& that is why, my dear cheeldrin, you should never trust so-called mallwide sales. Amen.


(no subject) [Jan. 6th, 2007&&08:39 am]
I said I won't but I would so lemme get straight to the point:
I passed Ateneo<3

Allow me to buy myself more crap.


word of the entry: p u l l. [Jan. 5th, 2007&&10:56 pm]
HI. =D
Say HELLO if you happen to be reading this, goddarnit!


So. That time we went to Holiday Inn we passed by SM City Clark no shit may mall na dun whatever happened to getting away from it all. Fast forward to that time we're pulling out the parking lot na && guess what -- NAFLATIREKAMI.

Thanks to my grandfolks being in the ride as well with us heavybelters. SO ANYWAY.
Karen (my sis not the Si, damnit) && I spent an hour & thirty walking around the mall, going in every store && saying how Philippine fashion is now officially hopeless what with it pulling a copycat on everything UK, counting the number of people sporting a fake Guess bag God they're such lame asses it's obvious they can't pull it off, twice debating whether or not we should buy a dozen Mrs. Fields && who the hell would get to keep the tin can, kept a close watch on salespeople who just stood stared so no one actually came in their shops (i.e. Healthy Options), && a lot more stuff I can't be bothered to type.

HELLO. The place only had like, what, a floor so what did you expect?

Went in Bayo, tried on a hot black brocade coat (P1150, give or take, would've bought it if only I wasn't saving up for yuh-huhs).
When this particularly amusing convo -- or lack of -- ensued:

Bob-haired Woman: Miss, san mo na bili bag mo?
Me: Sa Topshop.
BHW: Uh, san yun?
Me: Uh, sa Robinsons, meron yun.

FTW. No comment, next! o:

Nathan gave Erika this thing belated a while ago.
My tutor && I teased her endless about it.
Now for an unlimited time, you can tease Erika about it too!
Yes, that means YOU! =D


Ateneo results be posted tomorrow && T. Tina's gon check my name out for me.
MY NAME. My name which HASTOBEHASHAS to be on that list.
Or else life is over like yea.
But you won't have the privilege to know whether or not I passed.
Cuz I'm not saying.
&& you can't make me. DDD<

[ p i cs i n a j i f f a s e c ]


a day earlier. [Dec. 29th, 2006&&08:05 pm]
Happy Birthday, Justine!

Because I'm greeting you a day earlier.
Because I'm off to Holiday Inn for three days so I won't be able to greet you tomorrow.
Because you're drinking a banana frappe which broke my heart in that shot.
Because my addictive ESP is totally rubbing off on you.
Because Nix shouldn't spoil what I'm talking about lest I hate her for life.
Because I want to tell you in person, you know?
Because I'm sorry your thing had to be cancelled.

sorry he turned out just as bad. [Dec. 28th, 2006&&06:58 pm]
FINALLY tapos ko na yung yearbook poems. I'm recycling that hot one I used for the auds -- check out way previous post for it, please -- but WHOCARES? Sayang naman if that doesn't come out.

Like I'd care what Britt does to them OF COURSE I CARE.

Personally, this one I did on friendship sucks. I mean HELLO why would I wanna write something as trite as that? Obviously cliched && cheesedip material.

&& I actually went out of my comfort zone && for once, JUST WROTE.
God. Maybe I DO suck as a writer.

Remember, I don't exist omg she does not. o:


Confess Me Stories

By Karina Fuentes


I dial your number

& pick up the phone

It keeps my head spinning

from same sad hellos


A ring. Then another.

Please answer my call

Your voice. I hear it.

Thank God you’re awake


Everything I never said

Never would – they bug me.

Never believed

graduation would actually come


So tell me things

I wish were true

Confess me stories

known only by you


For when this is over

tonight will be the last

No more lapses, no more lies

Only sad songs & goodbyes


Because espresso dreams

aren't forever

I’m sorry he turned out

just as bad


Now hush me a lullaby

This grief -- it kills me.

& then your laughter

It fades.

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walalang. [Dec. 26th, 2006&&11:56 am]
YAY. Pasado ako sa La Salle!<3

text dlsu <space> eexam <space> reference number && send to 2333 for globe or 211 for smart


so listen up. [Dec. 25th, 2006&&09:52 pm]
Merry Christmas, people!
& for once I'm not even gonna call you names<3

Maybe a dedication stint for some of my dedicated readers will be appreciated of course it will be so listen up:

Remember that toast we did in Erika's where we went, "A toast to a Thin Christmas?" SO weird but nagkakatotoo sya! I am not even kidding. I thought Christmas was about pigging out but NO, I felt hunger -- omg she did not -- yesterday AND today. I swear I ate more days before Christmas! Maybe cuz mostly pork ang ulam (Think: siomai, barbeque, spareribs, ham && blah)?

Siguro nga. o:
&& that is why no one should wanna be me, honey.<3

Glad you like the flashy bangles -- I have a silver one, ehe -- && sorry if kulay McDo sila! Just don't wear them sabay, duh.

Chika, babae ka! Can't wait to talk to you in person. Labas nga tayo sa 28th for Justine's birthday, I am so dying to go out with you guys && to finally grab my Marionnaud card grabe may ibang motive pala sya, LOL. Kasi we might be out sa 30th && siguro kayo rin SOYEA.

Discovered dirt-cheap QUALITY pigmented -- omg cheap can actually have color -- glosses sa Mimi for P150. Cheap na kaya yun considering na they have the jelly-like feel MAC Lip Gelees have. Should have bought more BUT ANYWAY. Do you know how annoying it is that Beauty Bar && all other SSI-controlled stores are closed during the 25th every year ANYWAY NGA.

I'm glad you now have your purple IXUS cam. YOUR OWN CAM. LOL.
Translation for the hopelessly confused: Twice the shots, baby.<3

Steph, we should seriously be seatmates again. We have not talked much ever ever since. You haven't heard me go all Di Ko Pa Alam Kasi Di Pa Tinuturo Ng Tutor Ko Bakit Ang Long Cut Ni Miss Mejiya E May Shortcut Naman Who Cares What She's Saying && I haven't heard you rant about anime even though you know I'm not that interested omigod she's not.

EHE. && I still haven't seen that finance show your mom recommends me to watch. o:

SEE. Sabi nanga ba you can't resist skimming through my posts, HAHA!
Walalang. o: I wish you get what you're yearning to covet this break<3

Who the hell drops off his gift in front of the gate && speeds off before finding out whether or not the receiver actually got it. && yes, that was Dad you saw in his sandoshorts shit no way, LOL. I was like thinking why you didn't give it when there were still classes like normal people would BUT WHATEVER.

Maaasamasam. What is it with you && your deep vocab?
I know you're thinking why the hell I haven't given you a present when in fact you have but don't worry I will maybe she will of course she will ano ka ba she just haven't had the chance to buy it YEARIGHT, lol.

As you said, "Wait ka lang."

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not revealing entices your senses. [Dec. 23rd, 2006&&11:16 pm]
[Raddie-fied |tired legs]

Yay, ohYAY.
I am SO in sa UA&P, I should freaking rejoice. This means na if I don't make it sa Ateneo -- GODFORBID -- I have a college na. && it is most definitely not UST. HAHA.

Kor was like, "Ei! Congrats!" yesterday && was so piqued kung congrats saan e wala naman akong ginawa. Immediately checked out my email && even went to the La Salle website to check out -- I read the text midnight, okay, && didn't wanna bother her -- but didn't find anything so I slept with a heavy heart YEARIGHT.


Spent the entire day in front of food, I am not kidding. Went calorie shopping with Mom before noon, stopped a bit to grab a bite, bought practically everything in sight in Chocolate Lovers I swear that place smells wicked, && food prep here we go.

Of course I am capable of making scrumptious morsels. I made fresh batches of Oreo Muffins && Urban Legend Cookies don't ask why they're called such just cuz. I swear SOBRANG sarap lalo na pag kalalabas lang nila sa oven && the waft of melted chocolate spiced with walnuts && mysecretingredient I'm not revealing entices your senses.

I may even slave over a batch for you if you've been good this year WELLHAVEYOU? o:

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